living our questions–Why so much need for Viagra?

June 30, 2009

Hello Friends, I wonder about this question, when over time I began working with many who have the need for it. It was curious to me because some experts say that we should be able to make love well into our eighties and nineties with no problem. This has not been my experience in some who I serve, as well as the talk I have been privy to socially on many occasions. I thought more about this after working with some who did not wish to use this very effective substance, but felt it a must for performance.Perhaps there in lies the problem. When the heart opens in it’s fullness, the energy travels down to the pelvis, charging and energizing it naturally(unless one is focused on or worried about performing) which removes one from the experience of feeling the heart of self and partner. Is that how the need arose?  It is in the open-hearted making of love that we touch our deepest self. Upon touching that part of us and another, we have created opportunity–whether we seize it or not is another issue. WE HAVE IT. We decide right then and there consciously or unconsciously to feel our heart, allowing whatever is there to be acknowledged by feeling it in its fullness or to move  only to the feelings in our genitals. When we are young–this works for us (well sort of).  If we keep it there, love making becomes a chore, a duty or just a release better done at times with self. However, if we allow our heart to deliver to us it’s full conten (joy, sorrow, fear)  whatever may be there,  on an ongoing, ever changing, ever transforming basis–it can be exciting, mysterious, tender and yes, even scary. It can push us into new frontiers of our own SACRED/DIVINE interior. This is perhaps what our soul–that Divine Deep Intelligence has in mind for all of us. Do you have the willingness, the courage, the curiosity to explore your own HEART? We have as a culture expected to decline in our sexuality (abilities and drive). The “experts” are at odds–some say we have the capacity well into our nineties and others believe it is lost like many other aspects of life with aging. Maybe it would be available at any age if like most of the aging processes we adapted to the changes. In this most wonderful whole, holy and sacred act our hearts must join for our souls to touch. Ida Rolf, the brilliant biochemsist said”The seat of the soul is in the pelvis.” Our souls TOUCH when we make love. We all deserve a joining of our hearts and souls in the expression of our ESSENCE, the most powerful and enriching act of being human. It seems to become  willing to be vulnerable and go with an open heart into this most delightful endeavor can only enhance the pleasure. Please share your thoughts:)


When words and behavior don’t match

June 15, 2009

What do I believe when words and behavior do not match?  What is the course of action if an action needs to be taken?  We may notice or experience this in another, but this can be an opening or “in” road to  realizing our own saying one thing and doing something quite different. If we are noticing it in another, it also exists in ourselves. Let’s begin with a concrete example.   Let’s say we are holding ourselves to a high standard of ALWAYS coming from a place of love.  Someone we have an interaction with does  or says something that feels bad to us.   Our mind allows us to excuse the behavior.  We believe that to address this on our own behalf and take action would not be either loving or understanding. We excuse it by trying to “understand it” (stand under–stand down) and do not act in a loving way to our self, often to avoid a possible loss. However, we have just incurred the biggest loss we can, which is disconnection from SELF. If it sounds good (all the right words are spoken, but the behavior opposes the words. BELIEVE THE BEHAVIOR! It will lead to a more authentic response in you and keep you loving yourself.  You can then extend that love to the world. Check in with you first. Being your authentic self can only be the best for you and them. Perhaps your deeper self “engineered the situation” because it had been trying to get your attention for awhile and you could only see it in a situation outside of yourself. IF IT SOUNDS GOOD BUT FEELS BAD–TRUST THE FEELING. Thoughts ?


June 8, 2009

Good Morning Friends, Is accepting what IS “giving up”? How do we accept that which” feels”, “thinks”, “seems” unacceptable? Why should we? What’s in it for us? In our living life, by  our very humaness, we will be asked to accept that which we feel we did not choose. It may not be useful to spend time thinking about we would HAVE wanted it to be, but to begin focusing on what relationship we want to develop with the current situation. There is always a time of grieving, especially if the situation entails the loss of something or someone we have deep attachment to. There are stages: DENIAL ( initial protection from the pain), SADNESS, RAGE, DEPRESSION, AND FINALLY ACCEPTANCE. Sometimes we get STUCK in one or more of the stages. They are not wrapped up in a neat little package, but more a process of going back and forth between the stages. It’s messy and painful. While going through the pain, we have an opportunity to allow a deep, soulful and often times powerful transformation that can  give us an opportunity to move in a completely different direction. If we are able to let go and surrender to the process of what “IS” we can find peace and joy. We must find a way to co-operate with our deepest self for this to happen. That is an individual journey, which we must do our way. We usually must begin to strengthen a relationship with the “knowing” part of us vs just the “thinking” part of us. Again this is choosing opportunity over “crisis”.  What have your choices been in the acceptance of  what “IS”?


June 1, 2009

Hello Friends, in my kitchen on a little chalk board, I have written “Life is the Dancer and You are the Dance.” I have been giving this some thought as I often do when something strikes a chord that goes beyond my thinking mind.  Of course that’s when the questioning begins.  What if I AM BEING LIVED BY AN INDREDIBLE ENERGY VORTEX WHICH IS CONSTANTLY MOVING THROUGH ME? What if I am being animated by a power so great that it keeps my heart beating, my organs functioning and assists me in manifesting all that I ask for and hold my attention to? What if all living things are animated by this and merely translate this energy in its own unique way? What if it is possible to directly experience their translation by merely asking? When  planting my flowers yesterday, I asked that I join with the energy of the essence of the little tiger eye, and be allowed to FEEL its esence. Almost immediately, I felt this wily but gentle energy flowing through my hands, telling me what it wanted, needed and where it wanted to be positioned on the plant stand in relationship to the other plants. It seemed rather strange, and my “doubting Thomas” popped up, but I ignored him and kept my focus on the tiger eye’s wishes. I played with the “asking” all day in different scenarios. It was fun and may I add prety astounding. I have never asked that directly and found it to be EXCITING. Knowing the differencxe between their energy and mine, listening intently to their communication with me has opened up a new dimension. I invite you to try this. Keep asking. What if the more you trun your awareness to it, the more it will become a reality for you?

Living Our Questions

May 25, 2009

Hello Friends, Re-membering, memorializing, honoring those we love, those who served our country known and unknown to us, those who paid the ultimate price.  Recently, I found a bracelet I purchased in the sixities at the state fair for POW/MIA’S  with the name of a man I never knew and never found out about although I looked for news about him for years. I have never been to the Vietnam Memorial, but when I go, I will search there as well. I lit a candle, closed my eyes and let myself connect with my spirit and then with his. I sent him light and love, thanked him for his sacrifice, and blew out the candle, releasing my intention to be  carried  to him where ever he may be. I felt good.  What will you do in your own big or small way to observe the spirit of this day–to connect with your way of RE—MEMBER–ING?

Living Our Questions

May 18, 2009

Could there be a time when loving yourself first would be wrong?

If we are of the belief that all are one, that we are connected through the Divine, that pure heart-centered intelligence moving through each of us from one great Source  is what we honor when we serve another, what would our choices be?

If we allowed this belief  to shape our life, how would we choose  to respond to another?  Would our desire to serve another come from a sense of self love?


May 4, 2009

Have you experienced the healing power of love–that physical opening of the heart, the rush of energy that lights up the body sending warmth to every cell and then moves beyond out into the world? It must begin with the self–ME LOVING ME–YOU LOVING YOU. This weekend I took a workshop that focused on learning how to move the energy in the body from a Chinese Qigong Master. He was gifted in his presentation of the material, but mostly he radiated the energy of love.  My experience from being in his presence and doing the gentle but powerful exercises was a deeper feeling of love for self and a new awareness of my thoughts. I began to see that when under stress I movivate myself with fear. Self talk that says something like “if you don’t do this than that ……” usually some kind of loss or disappointment or something I REALLY don’t want to happen.  Often when learning a new skill, I focus on what  needs improvement immediately. Through the Master’s gentle guidance, I noticed how WELL I was doing the exercises, the ease I felt in my body and the force within me that responds readily to gentle loving kindness. I was left with a deep feeling of inner peace, greater self-love and an intention to stay conscious of how I am talking to me.  My question is: “How do you talk to you?” What would happen if you spent today listening to your words to yourself? If you speak kindly with love to yourself then can you intention to expand that? If not, what would be the first step you would take to change that and are you willing to do it?