My name is Cynthia Flynn. I am a personal and professional Coach. The people I most enjoy coaching are powerful creators who are interested in creating more balance in their lives, reducing stress, and improving personal relations while continuing to be highly successful creators of their own lives. Their real preference would be to have more EASE but either have no idea how to manage this or believe this to be impossible without losing some of what has made them successful.

I have been a helping professional focused on personal growth since 1979. I opened Personal Growth Associates in 1993. My coaching business, Resources for Intentional Living, focuses on clarifying what is desired by aligning with core values, setting an intention and gathering the necessary resources to move in the direction of the stated intention.

The individual learns to follow their own rhythm and timing until the goal is reached with ease. This is the process I have found yields the best results. Many powerful creators of their own lives, highly successful individuals who set their goals and intentions and create great results are unable to do so with ease. I have been able to help many create with more ease, pleasure and clarity – absent of the usual stress.

My clients are taught practices that uncover their unique answers and solutions. I teach various rituals that will bring new awareness and the desired change. The techniques involved are body awareness, creative visualization, and releasing old thoughts, images and beliefs that create our resistance to the change we desire.


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  1. livingourquestions says:

    Cynthia, my wise friend, Your writing on actions vs. words struck a deep resonance in me and I will be resounding with it and trying to match my words to my actions and vice versa for many days to come. Right now, my dear, I just finished a wonderful conversation with Louise and am going now to do my meditation which I am deeply committed to. Loveyou, Mary

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