What do you need from your deepest self and what can it offer you today?

February 22, 2011

Good Morning, What would happen if you went within to find out what you needed today and what your deeper self wants for/from you. If these two requests were aligned, would there be greater ease? Play with a concrete example. What in your life today do you really want and how can you get it easier? Just check in. It doesn’t need to take long nor be complicated. Visualize(VIRTUAL WORKS JUST AS WELL) a lit candle, feel yourself anointing your forehead with the mantra “I ask for clarity of mind” anoint your heart “I ask for purity of heart and anoint two inches below the navel “I ask for strength of spirit.” From this place of clarity, purity and strength make the request to your deeper self. It only takes a moment, then watch your day unfold. Commit to following your inner promptings. Celebrate yourself. This builds trust and is always available to you. Staying connected is the idea. Do not make this a big deal, just strengthen the connection. HAVE A GREAT DAY