September 14, 2009

Good Morning Friends, Could you take a moment to think about what it is you love?(stop and breathe) Can you feel the effects in your body? Where do you feel it? This is called conscious embodiment.  That’s what the people at McDonald’s are aiming for when they flash a Big Mac on the screen at night, hoping you will run out and get one. They get your autonomic responses going (salivating) hoping you will hop in your car, driven by your animal brain and its cravings, to the nearest drive thru. IT WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU! Well, why not use that same response to keep yourself feeling good as much as possible. I feel this when I watch my daughters and daughter in law mother their babies. When I think of my grandchildren, my heart softens, I feel an opening in my chest, my jaw relaxes, I feel the embodiment (in my body) of the vibration of love.,..flow, gentleness , warmth. I feel touched and open to life. I feel this when I look at a piece of art or hear certain music. I recently attended a concert by a dear friend who sang the theme song from the movie Pocohontas with such passion and love that my whole chest opened up and I wanted to sing along right with her(I restrained myself–lucky for everyone since I cannot carry a tune) BUT THE FEELING WAS EXHILARATING. Sometimes when I am a little out of sorts I play a word game– I think of words that make me FEEL REALLY GOOD.  GRACE-ELEGANCE -BEAUTY-SIMPLICITY- INTELLIGENCE-INTEGRITY-EASE-AUTHENTICITY-CONFIDENCE-GENEROUS-SEXY  just to name a few. It’s a little trick called a word shower and they just happen to be my core values.  I am now feeling AMAZING! HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS. PLAY PLAY PLAY–NOBODY HAS TO KNOW, IT’S ALL GOING ON IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN MIND.   ENJOY.  Cynthia    PS  THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS, SO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE 😎



September 7, 2009

At times I wonder about the judgment I sometimes have for those closest to me. On occaison I have judged one or more of “being selfish” which immediately sets me up to be “better than”. After all I am so kind, generous, loving and COMPROMISING! What’s wrong with them? Is there something wrong with them or the lens through which I choose to see them?  What if they are better at advocating for what they want and need  expecting others to do the same for themselves.  What if I am only calling them selfish(of course in my mind ONLY not that they can’t see by my tight jaw and smile) because I cannot or will not get clear in situations about what I really want?  I might have to hold my ground when Iwould prefer the absence of conflict. Is it just easier to call them selfish?   According to my standard of judgment, if I asserted myself,  wouldn’t that make me “selfish” too? Can I treat others any differently than I treat myself? Let me know what you think and HAVE A GREAT LABOR-FREE DAY!