I heard a quote yesterday by Peggy Tabor Millin that resonated with me. ” We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace.” I asked myself what would happen if I lived with more awareness of this thought. How would I interact with the grocery clerk, the station attendant, my waiter or waitress that was serving me? The seemingly anonymous people in my life that I only brush up against in passing—would I look more deeply into their eyes, would I smile readily, not fearing they may not smile back or even acknowledge me? I wondered if I became more intentional about extending the feeling(or vibration) of love would they FEEL it, would it make a difference?  There was an author on television the other day who wrote about the rules of civility and he said there is one principle in which all ethical systems are based: “We ought to treat others as ends in themselves rather than a means for our own satisfaction of our immediate needs and desires.”  As I thought more about this, I felt something stir within, perhaps a new standard to  which I would be willing to hold myself accountable especially when I am rushed.   I want to be more conscious of how I touch others, more intentional in each interaction no matter how lightly and that it is  I WANT TO EXTEND THE TOUCH WITH LOVE .



  1. Tracie says:

    I think about this often. Not because I am trying to do it more, but because people who know me are uncomfortable with the amount of time I spend smiling at strangers and trying to get to know (even in the smallest way) as much as I can about everyone I come in contact with. I think for most this is a foreign concept. For me it would be foreign NOT to do this. So my thoughts about this subject tend to focus on why people have a hard time opening up to people in this manner…is it that they don’t feel they have the time? Is it because they are afraid of rejection on any level? Is it because they are afraid to trust mankind?

  2. Tracie says:

    Sorry…I wasn’t done yet…

    I remember when I first moved to Milwaukee (about 7 years ago) I didn’t own a car so I had to take the bus everywhere. I only knew one person here. A friend from college who was often very busy with her work and schooling so I hardly saw her. So, most of my time was spent alone. I smiled at EVERYONE (I think most people have a “Hello, it’s nice to meet you” smile…even though you don’t know who they are). Anyhow, I was on the bus. A woman got on and saw me. I smiled at her. She sat next to me and said, “You are new in town, aren’t you smiley? I used to be the same way, but not anymore. This city is too big and there are a lot of scary people. You may end up smiling at the wrong person.” I learned a lot about her on that short bus ride. I also learned a lot about myself. Although I may be mistaken for a naive individual because I am open to people around me…I am going to keep doing it. I know that I am making a conscious effort to love as many people as I can, the best way I know how. Being open does heighten the risk of getting hurt, but isn’t the saying “It is better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all”? I choose love. Hopefully because I do that, others will do the same…even in the smallest manner. I choose to BE the change I wish to see in the world.

    • livingourquestions says:

      This is beautiful and all who know and love you feel that light beam when you shine your smile on anyone of us. YOU ARE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, GHANDI WOULD BE PROUD!

  3. John Sheaffer says:

    The thoughts expressed here really resonated with me today. With the death of my Dad, Ted Kennedy, my partner’s Dad’s illness, and my recent retirement, I’m reminded about what comprises “life” – a collection of moments that, when strung together, and grounded in “being present”, feels complete and “full” rather than frantic and disjointed. The intention of being present in every interaction is something I can do.

    • livingourquestions says:

      Wow, thanks for that. This helps so much when someone is ANXIOUS, it gets them out of their head and engaged the process of living. Usually the problem takes care of itself or they get another take on it or it is not as big as they have made it. All we have is the PRESENT, which is a gift if we can stay there. Thanks John

  4. Mary says:

    Wow..I loved the above comments…and it also reminds me to stay more “present” and pay atention to my response to people. I automatically want to connect with people, as I feel drawn to most people, and find myself surprised sometimes at the amount of people who smile at me, which makes me think I may just automatically be smiling at them! 🙂 I realize I need to be aware and making conscious choices, rather than “unconscious”…which would also cause more “presence” in my life.

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