Sometimes I distract myself with stimulants, shopping, people, alcohol, overscheduling of activities—-anything that can keep me moving in the opposite direction of what I say I want. Staying connected to my Deeper Guidance  will always PROVIDE the next step that moves me in the direction of my intention, even if it is standing still while I get aligned more fully. I CHOOSE TO MOVE AWAY FROM IT. The interesting thing about it being a choice is that I do not always recognize the choice until after I have made it and am steeped in the consequence of it.  At that point I am wondering how I left myself, my DEEPER GUIDANCE, my knowing, the feelings of confidence and joyous expectation that accompanies the feeling of being connected.  I back track to the place where I can remember feeling connected and focused. I see that I was a bit uncomfortable with the sense of peace–realizing that the feeling of being anxious is like an old friend, so I do(quite unconsciously I might add) what creates that feeling–I trade a soothing cup of chamomille tea for a hit of very strong coffee. Wheee–that gets it going, but shortly there after there is a bit of a crash and it is NOT peaceful. ( DO I HAVE ENERGY CONFUSED WITH ANXIETY?) Then the feeling of anxiety is back and although I do not like it, I KNOW IT. This then is the focus. I watch my thoughts and how they interfere with my desired focus. I am lost to the race. Somewhere down the line I take notice of  what IS, and the distance from where I WANT to be. I then attempt to move back into the connection with my DEEPER SELF. This entails the  stopping of some behaviors–for me stopping any stimulants, taking time to meditate, walk, write or find quiet time. This immediately begins to turn things around. The first point of reconnection feels good. I then expand that feeling by continuing to do the things that support the guidance and connection. Getting use to the feeling of being peaceful is an inside job that even though I say I WANT, apparently I need to gain a tolerance for. Who would have known? Blessings and PEACE(as much as you can tolerate)!



  1. Mary Christiansen says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgment of the process of navigating through the stimulating but unfamiliar territory of focusing on what we truly want! And how to get back on track once we stray from this unfamiliar path……the thoughts and feelings that seem to surface unbidden to keep us in our old but comfortingly familiar behaviors……

    • livingourquestions says:

      Our focus is better served if after we think through something, we go deeper into a non thinking place and ask to be led.

  2. Jan says:

    This is a huge question/thought for me. I’m not even sure I can stay focused long enough to get my thoughts organized around this. This is part of what happens to me. I get overwhelmed with an idea or thought and instead of bringing it to an orderly place in my head so I can make sense of it, my mind just freezes or shuts down from the overload. Eventhough, I know any movement is positive…it just takes me so long to thaw or get my engine running again. Then I get frustrated and a cycle begins.
    Lately, I find myself journaling a little. When I don’t get too bogged down with how my written voice comes across and just let my pen move, I’m amazed with what I learn about myself. What’s weird is I seem to need to do it with hand writing, not typing the words. It’s always been that way. If I need to put something in my computer or need to write a letter through email I’ll very often grab a pen and put it on paper first. I think better that way.
    I will try that with this week’s question because I think it is an important one for me. Having started the process here, I’m more likely to finish…..or at least make some movement!!

    • livingourquestions says:

      I wonder if when we wanted something in an orderly place in our head, if we meditated on the thought instead of did more thinking it wouldn’t move into an orderly place quicker?

  3. cynthia flynn says:

    Well, I often do long hand because it helps my connection with my spirit which in turn helps my writing come from a much deeper place. This is a wonderful for of meditation for me. As for overwhelm, it seems I always have to keep bringing myself back to “what do I want?”, it takes disciplined awareness, which is nothing more than practice because I have been steeped in the practice of distraction.

  4. Mary says:

    What a great reminder to stop and remind ourselves of what we truly WANT. A simple (but it seems, not that simple) way to stop the anxiety and running…and get in touch with what’s really going on. I’m so grateful for all of these wonderful discussions and ideas.

    • livingourquestions says:

      Its people like you who are constantly noticing in gracious gratitude what life offers you and what uplifts you that keep me going. Thanx for being a beam of light–one of many big rays from the gorgeous sun that shines the light of love on me!

  5. Jan says:

    Brilliant..yes, yes I want to remember that. When I go to the place of overwhelm, ask myself “what do I want.” Those 4 simple words hold so much power! Even if I’m asking for what I want or how do I want to feel at this precise moment of overload. I don’t have to have everything solved at once.

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