Hello Friends, What if self doubt could be a gentle reminder that I have stepped out of alignment with or am moving in a direction away from what I want or the direction that inspires me? If everything is created with thought, than how important is it to be aware of what I am thinking? I wonder what would happen if I did not feed the self doubt with another thought of greater self doubt, than another and another? I had heard or read somewhere that if we hold a thought for 15 sec (now that is a long time for me to hold the same thought) we receive  another thought of the same nature. I experimented to see if there was truth to this but it proved to be too big a challenge for me. What I did decide was that as soon as I became aware of a self doubting thought when attempting to create something I want, I can use it as a gentle reminder to move back into alignment with what really matters to me.  Sometimes, the reminder is not so gentle or subtle, if I have been entertaining these unwanted thoughts for awhile, unaware of their presence (disconnected and racing in the oposite direction of my stated intention while mentally building a case for why I cannot have what I want). Recognizing my thinking is the first step. This is easy because those thoughts make me FEEL bad. Upon recognizing them, I ask myself this two fold question: What do I want and where is my inspiration(in spirit). INTERVENTION.  This has served to bring me back to center and the direction I want to be moving in. May I suggest you give it a try.  Blessings and Peace, Cynthia


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