April 29, 2009

Things happen in our life whose meaning will have to unfold gently. Context becomes important and we get understanding of past events often times when we have expanded in a particular way and we are looking back. It can be comforting to see how we have grown, to realize that the unknown unfolds with the light and we get knowing and deeper understanding from the process. What is in your life today that maybe in  process and you are yet to understand or see the value it offers?



April 20, 2009

Hello friends, if it is indeed true that whatever we focus on expands, then why not look for the best? Nintey-eight percent of our life can be going well and if we focus only on the two percent that has challenge, we stay in struggle rather than EASE. What if the constant stream of news that was fed to us through out the day and evening held a POSITIVE focus? What if, even in the reporting of  tragedy or disaster, we were shown the opportunities that people seized to be HEROIC? Heroism is everywhere, yet we are fed the latest shooting, bombing, hateful words, beliefs, and actions that tear at the loving fabric of our hearts.  I am not advocating that we ignore what is, but that we look at it through a different lens. How interested would you be in looking for or sharing “glad tidings” if you will? Would you participate at a level that could touch millions of others of like mind? Could we start a movement that wold immpact the way news is reported? WHAT WOULD YOU SHARE?


April 13, 2009

If you recieved my question sent to your email, (a bit lengthy but I was feeling inspired) I am hoping to chat about how rewarding and challenging it can be to live in the sometimes vulnerable and often exhilarating space of open heartedness. I have never made this request of myself before. I must focus on living from a place of love and kindness while holding myself to the standard of examing my behavior and responses to discern if I am living up to my intention. I really like this because I AM included in this as well, so I must monitor my own choices for me as well as my self talk. I see that at times I am kinder to others and must correct myself more often then I was aware would be necesssary. I love the progress and am committed to the intention.